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The Modesto Jail is part of the Stanislaus County Jail Adult Detention division. Captain Bill Duncan is assigned as Commander. The Stanislaus County Jail system includes the Men's Jail, the Honor Farm, the Public Safety Center, the Court Services Unit and the Civil Unit.

Stanislaus County Adult Detention Division Administration, 200 E. Hackett Road, Modesto, California, 95358. Fax: 209-525-5636

The Men's Modesto Jail is located in Downtown Modesto at:  1115 H Street, Modesto, California, 95354, Office telephone: 209-491-8727.

The Stanislaus County Public Safety Center Jail is located at 200 East Hackett Road, Modesto, California, 95358, Office telephone: 209-525-5630

The Honor Farm is located at 8224 W. Grayson Road, Modesto, California 95358,
Office Telephone: 209-538-2202

Stanislaus County Superior Court is located in Downtown Modesto at 800 11th Street, Modesto, California  95354.

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